Sometimes it's called lifestyle. Sometimes it's called storytelling. But ultimately, to me, it's about encouraging relaxed and free-flowing sessions where the focus is on capturing your connections and real emotions, not just stiff poses and bribed smiles. Each session is different, and I use the beauty of our surroundings, and the golden hour sun to help tell your story in an artistic way.

I will guide you every step of the way. I do take some with looking at the camera, but most of the time I'm focused on your connection. We have fun, play, and get some good snuggle moments and allow for real smiles and raw moments. These photos are meant to be visual reminders of exactly who you are at this moment, that tell your story and evoke the emotions that you so long to hold onto forever. This is why you choose lifestyle photography for your family. 

What is lifestyle photography?

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I believe that the story lives in the details. A single image can capture a family, but a collection of photos tells their story.

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An entire session of perfect poses and everyone looking at the camera is NOT your idea of a good time. 

Perfection is overrated and you embrace that your children don't sit still.

You love candid, in the moment style that shows off who you really are as a family in a beautiful way.

You want to remember the REAL moments, dirty hands and windblown hair and all.

You love honest and authentic, not trends, props and backdrops.

You want a photographer that will guide and direct you, but allow you to move and have fun.

Are we a good fit?

Ready to Book?

Both my Classic and Signature Sessions include use of the Client Closet. The only exception are seasonal mini sessions include the use of the client closet. Mini sessions are back to back and do not allow time to try on dresses.

What Sessions include use of the client closet?

Once your session is booked, I will send you my current Client Closet options with sizing information.
Select a dress or two you might want to wear, and I will bring them to the session for you to try on and wear. I have a pop up changing tent for you to use. The dress will be washed and steamed and ready to go for your use. 

Then just focus on neutrals with pops of your dress color to coordinate the rest of your family.

How does it work?

As part of my session experience, you have access to some dresses that are guaranteed to add romance and movement to your session and photograph beautifully! This is optional and meant to simplify the wardrobe planning process, and help elevate your photos to the next level. Good wardrobe planning takes your photos from snapshot to art. 

never wonder what to wear again.

Why a Client Closet?